Founders Column

Founders Column

Luther W. New Jr. Theological College, commonly known as New Theological College or NTC is founded to serve the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ primarily in the Indian subcontinent. We believe that the Lord Jesus has only one Body, His Church. That Church must consist of people “from all tribe, language, people, and nation” because Jesus, the Lamb of God, died to redeem all of them (Revelation 5:9). NTC’s mission is to train committed and qualified men and women who will serve this Church, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We covet your prayers and active partnership in accomplishing this mission of training servant leaders for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for us regularly. Please pray that we will remain true to our calling and true to the Word of God.

We also need your sacrificial financial help to fulfill the mission of NTC. Many of our students are unable to pay the fees for their training. Even a small donation can make a major difference for such a student. Please do something to help a needy student today.

You can also help us by encouraging quality young people to come to NTC for their training. We promise to do all we can to train them well as servant leaders for the Lord’s Church.

Thank you very much for caring enough to pray for us and help us. May the Lord bless you in every way!

Your brother in Christ

George Chavanikamannil

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