Medium of Instruction: ENGLISH
Academic Qualification: B.D from Senate of Serampore College (University) with minimum B grade.

Branches of Study

  • New Testament
  • Christian Theology

Curriculum: New Testament

  • Area A: Introduction to the New  Testament
  • Area B: Texts of New Testament
  • Area C: New Testament Theology
  • Area D: Extra -  New testament Texts
  • Area E: Biblical Theology
  • Area F: Elective
  • Area G; Courses from other Branches
  • Area H: Integrated Course
  • Thesis

Curriculum: Christian Theology

  • Area A: Understanding the Past
  • Area B: Theological Methodology
  • Area C: Contemporary Theologies / Issues in Christian Theology
  • Area D: Constructing Systematic Theology
  • Area F: Integrated Course