Diploma in Worship and Music

Diploma in Worship and Music

(Affiliated to the Senate of Serampore and approved Exam center of ABRSM – London)

“My heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn! I will give thanks to you, O LORD, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations.” (Psalm 108:1-3)

In the middle of the NTC campus stands a building where there is almost never a quiet moment. From morning till night, the strains of pianos, guitars, recorders, sitars, and other instruments can be heard echoing from this building out across the campus. These continual melodies serve as reminder that NTC is full of musicians in the making.

Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Rev. Jacob Joseph and guidance of Mrs. Julie Tennent, the NTC School of Worship and Music is now in its sixth year of operation. Each year, students from all throughout India eagerly enroll in the one-year DWM (Diploma in Worship and Music) course, which is steadily increasing in demand. Currently there are sixteen students enrolled in the program from such diverse states as Kerala, Orissa, Haryana, Manipur, and Andhra Pradesh and cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

The DWM course is an intensive one-year course that prepares students to serve the Lord as musicians and worship leaders.  Students are required take a wide variety of worship and music-related subjects. Biblical and theological subjects such as Old and New Testament, Introduction to Theology, and Introduction to Worship provide students with a solid framework from which to understand Biblical worship. Music subjects include music theory, music appreciation, recorder (a flute-like instrument), ear training and sight singing, conducting and song leading, ethnomusicology, and electronic music. In addition, students have a chance to explore their native music culture through Indian vocal and sitar classes.

Along with these subjects, DWM students spend a large percentage of their time receiving lessons and developing proficiency on an applied instrument of their choice (piano or guitar). The teachers in the school of music are dedicated to giving students weekly individual instruction on their applied instrument. This one-on-one attention greatly enhances the learning process, so that all students are able to reach their maximum potential on their instrument and achieve their individual goals. Between their lessons, the students spend many hours honing their skills in the school's practice room facilities, which are equipped with several digital pianos.

The NTC School of Music is an approved center of the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in London. Students are given the opportunity to write ABRSM's theory and practical exams  and receive certification that will aid them in their musical careers. Although most came to NTC knowing little or nothing about music, many graduates of the DWM course have successfully completed a 5th grade exam in music theory. Others are currently enrolled for practical exams in piano up to the 5th grade level.

Recently the DWM program received accreditation by the Senate of Serampore, making NTC the first theological institution in India with a Serampore-accredited music program.

All across the country, graduates of the DWM program are now serving the Lord with various churches and ministries. Some are worship leaders in large churches, others are using their musical gifts in various mission fields, and still others serve as music teachers in schools. Please join us in praying for the graduates, current students, and teachers of the School of Music, that together they might lead the people of India in worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth.

 Medium of Instruction: English / HINDI
Duration: 1 year

In any Christian community, worship and music are vital components of community life. Therefore, theologically sound and musically skilled worship leaders are a great need of the Christian church. Although church music training is readily available across the West, it is one of the least developed areas among theological institutions in India. In 2007, NTC  began the Diploma in Worship and Music course to train up young men and women with a solid biblical foundation and strong musical skills.

This one-year diploma program integrates biblical, theological, worship and music  subjects to prepare students to serve the Lord through music and worship The following is a list of subjects included in the Diploma in Worship and Music.

Music Courses

Music Theory I & II:

Students will reach a Grade 5 theory level and also will have opportunities to appear for exams with Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, England.

Ear Training/Sight-reading/Recorder:

This course is designed to teach students how to read and perform music even when instruments are unavailable. They will develop the ability to sing at sight, transcribe, and will use the recorder as a means to learn the Western Solfege system.

Applied Studies in: Piano, Guitar, Tabala, Sitar

This refers to the specific musical instrument on which each student wants to focus.  Each student will receive individual lessons on their major instrument.

Applied Minor in: Piano, Guitar, Sitar, Tabala

Students will have the opportunity to take an additional group lesson on an instrument of their choice.

Music Appreciation

Through this class, students will gain a broad view of music history, instrumental ensembles, and different musical styles.

Studio Recital

Students are given a weekly opportunity to perform before their peers, and the end of the semester they give a full recital before a faculty audience.

Indian Vocal:

We offer classes on Hindustani classical music as a part of our DWM program. Our goal  is to prepare students who are experienced in both western and Indian music traditions.

Introduction to Conducting:

In response to the need for developing choirs in churches, we offer a course on conducting. This course focuses on the techniques of conducting and choir formation.

Electronic Music and Keyboard Skills:

Because we are living in a digital era, we train students to use the available digital devices for Christian worship. This includes digital keyboard skills, electronic notation software like Finale, MuseScore, and other digital music software. We also provide students with basic training needed to operate a sound system and sound mixer.

Applied Ethnomusicology/Ethnodoxology

We teach courses on Ethnomusicology/ Ethnodoxology to equip the students with the skill of using ethnic music and other art forms of each people group for worship and mission of the Church.

Biblical Courses

  • Introduction to the Bible – with special emphasis on music and songs in the Bible
  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Introduction to Worship, Worship Leading, and Preaching


  • Internationally trained faculty members with a wide variety of experience.
  • Acoustic and digital pianos, guitars, sitars, and tabala available for classes and practice
  • Individual practice cabins
  • Computers preloaded with digital music notation software
  • Theory classroom with digital media
  • Wide array of piano literature and other musical resources


  • +2 or above
  • Ability to read and understand English
  • Should be a Christian believer




"I never knew I could learn music, but God made it possible. Before coming here, I had never touched a keyboard and had just barely touched a guitar. Now I will go back to my place and use music in my church. I came here for the Lord, and I will use music in the Lord's ministry."

-Taming Gungku, from the Nissi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh


"Before coming to NTC music school, reading staff notation seemed almost impossible, but the teachers here have made it so easy. I have been blessed abundantly both in music and in my spiritual life."

-Franklin Rao, from Madhya Pradesh


"I am so grateful to the music school for equipping me to read, write, and play music. This program has provided me with more than what I expected. I thank God for enabling me to study here and for how He has molded me through this experience."

-MeyakumlaLongkumar, from Nagaland


"I praise God that He brought me to NTC. Before coming here, my knowledge and understanding of music was very little. This course has broadened my understanding of the 'language' of music."

-Wilfred Jacob, from Mumbai



 Diploma in Worship and Music

School of Worship and Music