Practical Ministry

In the ministerial training front, in addition to lectures, seminars and library based learning; students are required to do practical training. Week-end and other long-outreach ministries in churches, schools, and hospitals and in rural and urban communities through church related and other para-church and non-governmental organizations are coordinated by the Practical Ministry Department of the College.


Practical ministry is an essential component of the program. Ministerial aspects shall be scrutinized resolutely in the course of instruction, so that appropriate issues become a part of the learning process. The college has the following practical training programs:

Concurrent Practical Ministry: During the weekends students are sent out to villages, schools, and hospitals with members of the faculty as advisors for Social service and Christian witness.

Intensive Practical Ministry: The graduating classes of UG, BD and CPC are required to minister in a place under a Christian Leader assigned by the Practical Ministry Department.

Internship: Graduate Students (B. D.) are required to do full time ministry, for a total duration equivalent to one semester during the first semester of their third year.

Supervised Practical Ministry: Undergraduate Students (B. Th., B. A. B. Th.) are required to minister under an approved supervisor either in a mission field, or in a church setting, or any other approved setting for five weeks during each summer vacation. Students are responsible to find out appropriate ministry settings. After the completion of the ministry the students must submit a confidential report about their ministry from the concerned supervisor at the time of registration every year. Favorable reports from the supervisors are necessary for graduation.




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