Sports Activities

The NTC campus has large sports grounds.  Students engage in sports activities between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. except on Wednesday and Sunday. Sports Committee organize a Sports Day every year which is an  important event for the community.


On Independence Day and Republic Day, after flag hoisting, the Sports Committee organizes community sports activities. This could be a soccer game between staff and students, Tug of War between classes and also between students and staff or some other sporting event.

Social and Cultural Activities

The Student Council of the College coordinates the social and cultural activities, under the guidance of two faculty members. The Council consists of representatives from every class. They are responsible in organizing the following:

  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Republic Day Celebration
  • Cultural Nights
  • Literary Debate
  • Singspiration

As part of the celebration of the Independence Day and Republic Day, the Council invites a person from political/social background to be the guest of honour to hoist the national flag and address the community. These celebrations are followed by community sports and cultural nights. The cultural nights are times of entertainment for the whole community. During these occasions different programs are presented by students from different cultural backgrounds.

Once a year, the Council organizes literary debate on a relevant topic. It is generally among the students. The members of the community also get one or two days every year to demonstrate their talents for singing.


The college picnic is arranged once a year for the  graduating classes on the second Saturday of November.

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